NLA Rent Manager


Welcome to NLA Rent Manager

Failure to manage your rents properly can lead to unnecessary voids, accumulating debts and a large amount of stress.

NLA Rent Manager is a solution that helps to remove all these challenges facing a landlord. NLA Rent Manager is an easy to use, online software tool that makes rent management easy. It saves you time, money and effort in managing your rents and is FREE for Full NLA Members.

Designed by landlord for landlords and using the latest technology, it allows you to accurately track every aspect of your rental income including projected rental income and outstanding rents.


  • Easy to use, online software
  • Time saving rent management features
  • Accessible from anywhere 24/7
  • No software installation required
  • FREE for Full NLA Members

NLA Full Members do NOT need to register. Simply log in, using your NLA Membership details, in the NLA Members section on the right hand side of this page to access the service.

Non NLA Members

If you are not an NLA member and require access to the NLA Rent Manager online tool, please click below.